Why You Need a Website for Your Dispensary

Your customers are shopping for their cannabis products online.

Dispensaries can’t operate as a true ecommerce website yet.  But that doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t shopping for their cannabis products online. Your website will let them browse your products and even place an order to pick up.

Customer loyalty is the life blood of any dispensary.

Customers are expensive to find.  Traditional advertising is not available.  Cannabis-friendly advertising is expensive.  So, when you get those customers, you need a tool to keep them.  An up-to-date dispensary website is indispensable in creating customer loyalty.

Social media profiles are not a safe replacement for a website.

Mainstream social media platforms are not friendly to cannabis businesses, especially dispensaries.  They won’t take your advertising dollars, and while they won’t censor your content on their platforms, they will make it very hard to find unless you have the direct link to the social profile.