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Below you will find articles to often asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

How do I get a domain name?

If you don’t already have a domain name, you need to register one. Ideally, it will be your dispensary name, but if that isn’t available, then something as close to your name as possible.

For example, if your dispensary name was Two Jays, the domain is not available to register. Instead, you could register, as I did in the example website.

I can recommend two registrars that you can use to register a domain.

First is I have used them for almost 15 years. They have an easy to use interface and decent prices, but they are not the lowest price and they will charge you extra for domain privacy. Moniker will charge you per domain every year.

The other I can recommend is They are a bit more expensive than Moniker, but not much. They operate differently from Moniker in that you have to make an account deposit, and domain registrations / renewals will be paid for out of your account credits.

How do I get website hosting?

There are many website hosting companies out there. We use Site Ground for all of our WordPress hosting needs.

We also offer you a hosting + update package for the easiest solution. We will set up a website hosting account for you that has Cpanel access, unlimited email addresses, free SSL certificates for your domains, and unlimited website visitors.

The package also includes all necessary updates needed for WordPress core, the Avada theme, and any other plugins on your website.

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If you choose not to use our hosting, we recommend that you setup an account that is optimized for WordPress as that is the framework that your website will be built on.

How do I get an Envato account?

We need to make sure that you are the owner of the licenses for the Avada theme and any plugins you need to get your website setup the way you need it. The licenses entitle you to support and updates and are necessary to operate your website.

So we ask that you sign up for your own Envato account. We will then login to your account, add funds to get the licenses, and then add them as needed to your website. Once we are finished, you can change the password on the account and you will have no worries about any licensing problems ever.

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Once you have your account set up, please email us the login information.