Turnkey Dispensary Website + Design Pricing

If you are ready to take control of your dispensary’s digital presence, you need to start with your website. Buying a turnkey website package with a professionally designed template is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest option. Browse our packages below and choose what suits you best to get started.

Basic Turnkey Website Package

  • Complete website design
  • Worpdress installed on your domain
  • Built on the Avada theme
  • Menu & online ordering

Turnkey Website + Age Gate

  • Validate visitors are 21+
  • Turnkey website + template
  • Age check plugin install & setup
  • Age gate custom design

Turnkey Website + Accounts

  • Turnkey website + template
  • Custom account application forms
  • Upload ID & recommendation
  • Signup page

Complete Turnkey Website Package

  • Turnkey website + template
  • Age gate custom setup
  • Account application custom setup
  • Best price on a dispensary website

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  This product is a fully functioning website, installed and configured on your domain name and your website hosting.  That way, you maintain control of your website at all times.  We will install everything and get it ready for you so all you have to do is add your content and products.

If you don’t have a domain name, I recommend registering one at GoDaddy or Moniker.  I’ve used Moniker for all of my domain name needs for over 15 years.

No.  The lowest priced package is a fully functioning dispensary website, with Woocommerce installed.  It includes a professionally designed template to give your website structure.  All you have to do before you launch is to add your own content and products.

The add ons give more functionality, but nothing that is necessary to show customers your product inventory and allow them to place a pre-order.

Only if you signup for our hosting.  Otherwise, everything is priced for a single purchase.  Your website will be yours for as long as you continue your website hosting, either with us or another company.

No, any licenses that need to be acquired to get your website installed and live on your domain will be purchased for you under an account you set up to hold the needed licenses.  We do not maintain any type of control over any aspect of your website.  You are the sole license holder and owner.